Deusfolium is a new company which is intending to penetrate into the cannabis cultivation market in Quebec.

Investor Information Kit

The facility provides total space of approximately 100,000 sq. ft. Since demand is expected to increase over the next years, market would require a continuous increase in production. Future building improvements can be made to grow the operation. Deusfolium intends to start its growing business from January 2019.

Deusfolium is to be organized as a public corporation using a reverse shell mechanism and formed and authorized under the laws of Canada, and will be led by a team of experts. Deusfolium is a company that will be built on a solid foundation. From our inception, we have decided to recruit only qualified people to man various job positions in our company. Deusfolium will seek to leverage on their expertise to build our business brand as a premiere cannabis cultivator within Canada.

 Company will have the ability to vegetate up to 15,000 plants and flowers concurrently, will grow up to 10 different strains of cannabis, and will have the ability to grow from seedling/cloning to finished product. Deusfolium will dry, test and process all cannabis flowers into labeled/inventoried vacuum sealed bags before supplying.

Our Plan

Main Goals

  • Getting a Cannabis Cultivation license and to build a successful commercial cultivation facility.
  • To be fully compliant with laws and regulations in Canada.
  • Year 1 – Year 3: Securing a license to start cultivation in Laval, Quebec. Brand and distribute our product line throughout the Société Québecoise du Cannabis (SQDC).
  • Year 3 – Year 5: The Deusfolium brand is now a trusted and consistent brand.
  • Year 5 – Year 10: We intend to secure a processing license.


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7240 Rue Waverly, Montréal, QC H2R 2Y8

Let’s Build a state of the art sustainable facility

The extraction and the cultivation premises will be located in a 100,000 sq. ft. property. There will be a series of 4 greenhouses. The greenhouses will be connected to an adjacent data-center via a heat exchange piping mechanism to ensure free heating during the winter months. Adequate power to service both operations is available, and the build-out will be minimal.

Greenhouses combine the latest technology in HVAC, light deprivation, environmental controls, irrigation, insect exclusion, benching systems, hybrid techniques, and much more to create a systematic and efficient growing approach: