Best Feminised Strains

Since feminised seeds first came onto the market their popularity has skyrocketed. For most growers, they are a way to save money, effort and time that they might otherwise waste on pointless male plants. Feminised seeds were created to remove male plants from the crops. Males are non-productive and so if they are not being used for breeding they are worse than useless. If they are not caught in time they can actually bring harm to the females, spoiling the entire crop. Feminised seeds also mean growers no longer have to buy twice as many seeds as plants desired. They know that their seeds will grow into productive females. Feminised seeds have also often been found to be higher quality and easier to grow than most regular strains. Almost all strains can be purchased in the form of feminised seeds these days, but this list is just a few of the very best on the market.

Skywalker Kush

This gorgeous lady is a combination between Skywalker and OG Kush. She takes on a lot of her parent plants, which is great because they are both fantastic. She is tall, elegant and Indica dominant. This essentially means that she is proficient in “putting that ass to sleep”. Along with her high THC content of 15 – 20%, she is a fantastic night time strain for those suffering from pain, insomnia, stress, and all sorts of other issues that would be helped by a good old relaxation session. She has a flowering time of just 56 – 63 days and grows well both indoors and outdoors.

Cream and Cheese CBD 1:1

This strain is a little different in that she has crazy high CBD, making her an awesome medicinal strain. Her CBD usually sits at 5% and up which goes nicely with her THC of 22%. She is also Indica dominant and pours out that relaxation like a lavender oil massage on a pile of feather pillows and sleepy puppies. As far as her medicinal properties go she is the perfect strain for those suffering from pretty much anything. She is especially good for insomnia, stress, depression, anxiety, and lack of appetite. She is a cross between Seedsman CBD and UK Cheese, and yes she has maintained that amazing Cheese flavour. She will grow in around 9 weeks and can be planted indoors or outdoors.

Amnesia Fast

Amnesia Fast is somewhat shrouded in the unknown, well a bit. She is a combination between Soma’s Amnesia and a mystery strain. Despite not knowing exactly where she comes from we do know that she is a Sativa dominant powerhouse. Her THC content sits at a maximum of 25% and her effect is nicely balanced between Indica and Sativa. She is wonderful for creative pursuits such as painting nature or making a mosaic of your favourite pet. She is also relaxing and soothing, so after crafting artistic perfection it might be nice to have a bubble bath. She can be grown both indoors and outdoors with a flowering time of 50 – 55 days.

Royal Queen #1

Bow down b-words, here comes the Queen and she is a force to be reckoned with. This lady will get into the brain and lift it way up, the effect is cerebral and happy with a lovely soothing touch. Her THC levels sit at around 18% so she is not to be taken lightly. She is primarily used recreationally but is also given to medicinal users that suffer from anxiety. She produces impressive yields of dense, resinous buds. Visually she is a pretty special strain with her bright red hairs and she tastes as good as she looks. Royal Queen #1 only takes 8 weeks to grow and grows well both indoors and outdoors.


LSD is a strain that earned her name, she is also a cup winner. This strain is a cross between Skunk #1 and Mazar, two very special strains. LSD got her name from being one of the trippiest strains on the market. Her effect is uniquely weird, psychedelic and very uplifting. She is not only a pleasure to smoke, but a pleasure to grow. LSD is a hardy strain that is resistant to mould and fungus. She can also be grown in a wide variety of environments. Her flavour and scent are earthy with a hint of chestnut and her THC level usually sits at around 25%. She will flower in just 60 – 65 days and, as mentioned before, can be grown basically anywhere be it indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse.

Snow White

This strain is high CBD, high THC and an all-round delight to grow and smoke. She is a cross between Indica and Sativa genetics which gives her a beautifully balanced smoke. Her effect is primarily happy and uplifting with a deep euphoria behind it. Her THC level sits at around 18 – 20% and her CBD upwards of 5%. She is often recommended to medicinal users due to her high CBD levels. Usually to treat nausea, pain and stress. As well as having a desirable smoke she is a very pretty plant. The leaves are deep, vivid green and as she matures she develops slightly yellow-tinged THC crystals that look like gold dust. She is easy to grow and responds well to a bit of delicate pruning.


Finally this special little lady who has won not one, not two, but nine awards during her time on the market. She is a combination of Original Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze. She has won so many awards because she is a high yielding, high-quality strain with a powerful Sativa effect. Her THC level sits at around 18% and her effect is dreamy and euphoric but strangely energetic. She is often recommended to those suffering from fatigue, depression and stress. She only takes 63 – 77 days to flower and produces impressive yields of around 400 – 500 g/m2 when grown indoors. It’s hardly surprising she is one of her breeder’s best selling strains.

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