Best Strains for Starting 2022

New year new…well not a lot really. A lot of last year’s nonsense has immediately leaked over into this year and honestly, it only seems to be getting weirder. Whether or not this is yet another year of a bizarre simulation created to test how far humans can be pushed before they go completely feral, we still need to focus on the good things in life. Quite fittingly this article is being written mid January because the year has started off in such a bizarre way and honestly I blinked on New Year’s Eve and now it’s today. Anywho, let’s get started on some of the best strains you can get your chops around to start off 2022. 

Blueberry OG

Of course, this isn’t a new strain, but I do think it’s one of the best strains you could possibly start this year with. In case things do keep getting weirder, more stressful, and just plain mind melting this strain should give your sanity a fighting chance. Blueberry OG is best known for its amazing flavours and uplifting, euphoric yet chill effect. Often this strain is used by those who struggle with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Which should make it great for the next potential world wide lock down. Sorry I’m not being enormously positive, I’ll try to pick the tone up. It could also be the perfect side kick to your amazing year of generally being fantastic and achieving all of your goals! This strain is a combination of the ever popular Blueberry and OG Kush. So you know it’s going to be absolutely packed with resin. Blueberry OG has a flowering time of 55 days and can be grown indoors or outdoors. 

Lemon Tart

Let’s chuck in another lovely chill and happy strain into the mix before we get into anything more complex. Lemon Tart is a delightful choice for getting that euphoric but relaxed feeling that will help you deal with the start of year madness. It has a decent THC level of around 20% so should hit you just right if you’re a regular smoker. The plant itself is well known for its impressive yields and high level of terpenes. If you’re a fan of extraction when it comes to weed then this is an excellent option. Lemon Tart was created by crossing Super Lemon Haze with Wedding Cake so it’s got the genetics to back it up. The flavour is also one of the most attractive aspects of this strain. It has all the light citrus of the mother along with the sweetness of the father plant. Perfect for those with a bit of a sweet tooth but who still like a little bit of bite. This strain has a flowering time of 70 days and will grow indoors or outdoors. 

Monster Bruce Banner

As you may have guessed this is one of the more powerful strains out there. This strain is well known for it’s full body relaxing effect that affects both the mind and the body. If you are having a particularly stressful time this is definitely the strain for you. It has a THC level of around 25% so should be a bit of a challenge even for the experienced smokers. If you are a home grower who wants a large yield but can only accommodate one or two plants then Monster Bruce Banner is ideal with its massive yields. Plus if you’re a comic book nerd it’s just fun to have the hulk growing in  your cupboard. This strain has a flowering time of just 63 days and can be grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. 

Pamir Gold

This pretty little strain is from the mountains of Tadzhikistan in the Himalayas. This means she is used to harsher conditions and is great for growers who may not have an ideal cultivating environment at their disposal. She is a relaxing and soothing plant that is balanced between Indica and Sativa. The effect is soft and calm which makes it ideal for the end of a stressful day. If you have trouble winding down before bed or having a fitful night’s sleep then Pamir Gold is your strain. My favourite thing about this strain is it doesn’t totally shut you down. You will be relaxed and soothed but also your brain will keep functioning.  The flavour and scent are sweet and earthy with just a hint of citrus. I would recommend this strain to beginner growers as it is extremely easy to grow well. So if your New Year’s resolution was ‘take up growing cannabis’ congratulations you have found your strain. Pamir Gold has a short flowering time of just 7 weeks and will grow indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. 

Blue Cheese

Now it’s time for a long standing classic that is perfect for starting every year. This strain is a combination of two of the best old school strains on the market, Blueberry and Cheese. These genetics were carefully chosen to create an all round amazing strain. She grows well, creates impressive yields and the scent is completely out of this world. The THC level is a pleasing 23% which makes it great for experienced smokers and maybe a slight challenge for those who don’t smoke as much. The effect is relaxing, I seem to have gone for a bit of a theme, but I do think we could all use a little helping chilling out at the moment. The strain itself is pretty easy to grow and the buds will be absolutely dripping with THC resin. It has a flowering time of 52 – 57 days and can be grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. 

Cherry Bomb

Finally we have Cherry Bomb, the strain for anyone who swore they were going to complete that creative project this year. Yes this strain is also pretty relaxing but it gives a creative boost that could only be rivalled by the finest muses. If you are struggling to find motivation to finish that book, that painting, that crochet hat for your dog, then this is probably the help you need. Cherry Bomb has a flowering time of 8 – 10 weeks and grows indoors or outdoors. 

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