In this series of articles we’re going to introduce seed banks, breeders and their most popular strains. Get to know them a bit better, how, when and why they started, what they’re about and what makes them going.

Kalashnikov Seeds

Kalashnikov Seeds is a Russian collective of cannabis growers who are Soviet army veterans. They offer feminized photoperiod and autoflowering and ‘express’ cannabis seeds. All strains are results of crossing various cannabis landrace strains from Russia, Spain, Netherlands, Eastern Europe and Afghanistan with AK-47 from Serious Seeds.

Their express line is a mixture of autoflowering and photoperiod cannabis strains, similar to various ‘early’, ‘fast’ or ‘quick’ strains some of the breeders have. They won’t start flowering on their own but they do require less daylight sunshine to enter the flowering stage and they tend to finish flowering quicker than normal photoperiod strains.

The group started breeding cannabis strains in 2002, originally operating from numerous greenhouses and indoors setups and started selling seeds in 2013. Their base of operation is in the Kuban region with partners ranging from Saint Petersburg to Far East region, near China. Although relatively new on the commercial scene and unknown to the rest of the world, they’ve quickly gained considerable reputation, positioning themselves as one of the prominent cannabis breeders in post-Soviet union cannabis market.

It is well known that the AK-47 is the favorite gun of choice to all Soviet army soldiers, so using it in the name, visuals and designs, as well as the genetic breeding stone, is a nice reminder and homage to their army history. With their increasing popularity came various rumors, of which the most original one is the one about them being founded by the Kalashnikov family, as a form or ‘redemption’ and an attempt to save the family’s karma.

Rumors aside, Kalashnikov Seeds deserve the attention as they offer quality genetics, especially well suited for all outdoor growers than aren’t blessed with temperate and warm climates and long summers with mild and sunny autumns. It’s Kalashnikov Seeds’ intention to prove that Russian-grown genetics are in all ways comparable with the rest of the cannabis breeding scene.

Some of Kalashnikov Seeds most popular strains include:

Baikal Express is a fast-flowering Sativa-dominant cannabis hybrid, a cross between Kubanskiy Ubiyza and a selected secret hybrid strain from Kalashnikov Seeds. It finishes flowering in just 7-8 weeks with yields that go up to 500-600g/m2 or 1000-1200g per plant, usually testing around 22% THC. Plants are strong and vigorous, very undemanding and resistant to hot and dry weather. Effects are mostly cerebral – energetic and uplifting, leaving you relaxed and ready for work. Flavors and aromas are sour, herbal and earthy with lemony undertones.

Amnesia Molotov is a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain, a three way cross between Amnesia, Chem Dawg and Kubanskiy Ubiyza. Plants are very resistant to fungal diseases and do well in both very humid and very dry climates. They produce great yields, going up to 500-600g/m2 indoors and 900-1700g per plant outdoors, finishing flowering in 9-10 weeks. Measuring at up to 24% THC it will provide a powerful long-lasting, euphoric psychedelic experience, leaving you happy and relaxed. Aromas and flavors are spicy and citrusy with subtle hints of ginger and incense. Due to heavy yields and extreme resin production, it’s well suited for making various concentrates and extracts.

Moscow Blueberry is a 50/50 Indica/Sativa hybrid, a three way cross between Blueberry, AK-47 and a secret hybrid, usually testing at ~18% THC and ~5% CBD. Plants are usually medium height with trichome covered, compact buds and resistant to cold and harsh weather. They usually finish in 8-9 weeks with yields going up to 450-550g/m2 or 900-1300g per plant. Most plants turn dark-purple with blue and acid-green hues towards the end of flowering. Sweet berry flavors are accompanied by fresh and fragrant, woody aromas. Effects are calming, relaxing and motivating, leaving you happy and stress free, ideal to use in social occasions.

Siberian Haze is a Sativa-dominant cannabis hybrid, a cross between AK-47, Haze and Amnesia. It’s not the easiest strain to handle so it’s recommended that you gain some experience before growing it. It finishes flowering in 9-11 weeks and produces yields that go up to 450-550g/m2 or 750-1200g per plant. Due to high levels of THC, usually reaching ~22%, its effects are strong, narcotic and trippy, providing your body with an uplifting, energetic and euphoric experience, ideal for active work and socializing. Aromas and flavors are fresh, citrusy and sweet. Plants are tall, usually needing some additional support in later stages of flowering and perfect for a SCROG method.

Amur Giant Auto is a Sativa-dominant autoflowering cannabis strain, a cross between Amur Ruderalis, Jack Herer and Power Plant. It finishes flowering in 10-11 weeks with yields going up to 450-600g/m2 or 60-300g per plant and usually tests at ~19% THC. Plants are tall and very resistant to mold, mildew and harsh weather.  As harvest approaches, plants will be getting a beautiful yellow-orange color and buds will be fully coated with resin. Its effects are motivating, creative, talkative, focused, uplifting and alert, ideal for a daily strain. Flavors and aromas are strong and pungent, reminding you of a mixture of lemons and sandalwood with a touch of wild berries jam.

World of Seeds

World of Seeds seedbank story starts in the early 2000’s but their interest in growing and breeding cannabis is even older than that. Traveling the world in search for unique and special landraces and cannabis strains and making them available to wider masses has always been one of their main passions. They take great care and attention in educating people about medicinal and other uses of the cannabis plant and are present in many international events and conferences.

WoS was founded by two brothers – Mr. Seedsman, who was more oriented on the growing side of things and Robert, who was dealing with the business side of things. Their story goes back to a small grow shop located in Valencia, Spain. Selling grow supplies to local growers was an instant hit and they soon opened more locations throughout the region. They started breeding strains they’ve gathered from their travels to traditional cannabis producing regions, launched wholesale seeds sales and their own brand called Hemp Passion, offering a wide range of products, including seeds, lamps and grow supplies.

Constantly growing and expanding, they now gather a colorful crowd of skilled breeders, chemists, ecologists, pharmacists and geneticists, all working towards creating some of the most interesting cannabis strains on the scene. What started as a small grow shop in Valencia, grew into an international company with offices in the UK, USA, Chile, Uruguay and Colombia.

World of Seeds now offer a wide range of cannabis strains, going from Sativas to Indicas in both photoperiod and autoflowering varieties. Special attention was always given to medical uses of cannabis, so offering and breeding high CBD strains came natural. They offer feminized as well as regular seeds, enabling growers to use some of rarest cannabis genetics and breed their own strains. Along with landrace and heirloom genetics, WoS offer and breed some of the most popular and sought-after cannabis strains available worldwide.

Some of the most popular World of Seeds strains include:

Wild Thailand is an award-winning pure Sativa, a taste of wild Asia, one of Thailand’s favorite landraces. It’s a true Sativa, tall, vigorous and highly potent, available as feminized seeds. It finishes flowering in 10-12 weeks indoors or in early November outdoors with yields going up to 400g/m2 or 700g per plant, usually testing at around 22% THC. Wild Thailand’s effects are typical Sativa – highly cerebral, uplifting, energizing, euphoric, focused and talkative. Its flavors and aromas are not the strongest but offer a moderate and mild citrus tone with hints of earth and pine.

Pakistan Ryder is very resistant and easy to grow Indica-dominant autoflowering cannabis strain. It’s a short and bushy strain that usually produces around 450g/m2 or 60g per plant in just 10 weeks from germination to harvest. With THC levels usually around 18%, it’s a good choice for both beginner growers and experienced growers. Its effects are what’s to be expected from an Indica-dominant strain – mostly body-buzz and calming, leaving you relaxed, sleepy and hungry. Strain aroma can best be described as a combination of sweet, fruity and musky with strong spicy and hardwood notes.

Afghan Kush is a pure Indica cannabis strain, available as regular seeds, with its genetic heritage coming from Kush landraces from northern Afghanistan. Indoors it usually finishes in 8-9 weeks with yields going up to 500g/m2 while it’s going to be ready for harvest outdoors in late September with yields going up to 800g per plant. Its effects are typical Indica – strong, long-lasting, almost entirely body high, leaving you sleepy, relaxed, hungry and calm. Its flavors and aromas are earthy and woody, classic Kush. It’s used medicinally to treat pain, anxiety, stress, insomnia and glaucoma.

Strawberry Blue brings a delicious fruity aroma and strong energizing and uplifting high with buds usually testing at around 23% THC. This Sativa-dominant cannabis strain, available in feminized seed form, finishes flowering in 8-10 weeks indoors with yields going up to 500g/m2 or up to 800g per plant outdoors, where it finishes in early October. Its effects are fast-hitting and long-lasting, uplifting, energetic, motivating, creative and talkative, perfect for getting up and getting things done. A great strain to use throughout the day with delicious, sweet and fruity aroma.

Northern Light X Big Bud Ryder is an award-winning Indica-dominant autoflowering cannabis strain, best known for producing massive yields going up to 600g/m2 or 200g per plant. It usually finishes in 10 weeks from germination and tests at ~21% THC which makes it one of the most potent and most medicinal autoflowers WoS has to offer. Its effects, due to high levels of THC, are strong and long-lasting, mostly physical – body relaxing, happy and calming, melting away tension, stress and anxiety. Strong sweet aromas of pineapple and citrus fruits are accompanied by musky undertones.

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